On arrival

On arrival, please complete the signing-in form, put the form and payment in the envelope and post in the black box.  The cost is £20.00 per hour, with an additional £5.00 for a second horse.  No more than two horses in the arena at a time unless by prior arrangement.


Please make a comment/suggestion in the book, and an email address so that we can inform you of any events.  Your email will not be used for any other purpose.    


These terms apply to any facilities at Roughway Farm, including the all-weather surface arena.

Giles and Julia Cannon welcome horses and rides to Roughway Farm on the understanding that they and anyone connected with Roughway Farm/Arena accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, accident or injury however sustained or caused to any persons, animals, vehicles or property.

All riders must be accompanied. BHS approved riding hats and correct clothing must be worn.

Dogs must be kept on leads at all times.

All incidents or damage must be recorded in the book provided, however small.

The disclaimer form on the signing- in table, must be completed before mounting, by all riders (parents, guardians, trainers, instructors must sign on behalf of anyone under 18ys of age.)

The signing of this form confirms your understanding and acceptance of our terms and conditions, and that the rider has no medical conditions that could affect their ability to ride, and that they have sufficient ability for the task they wish to undertake.

Anyone under the age of 7 can only ride with an accredited instructor and must be covered by their insurance.

A maximum of two horses are allowed in the arena unless previously arranged.

Riding is an inherently risky sport and horses can be unpredictable.

Riding at Roughway Farm is undertaken at your own risk.

All vehicles and contents are parked and left at the owner’s risk.


If any jumps or equipment at Roughway Arena hire are broken beyond repair, the user will be liable to replace the item(s) please report any breakages in the comments book.